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Social Programe

The social programme helps you to integrate with other students as well as life in the UK. It gives you an opportunity to practise your conversational English and learn how to interact with people in English, in social settings. You can improve your conversation skills, get to know your teacher and classmates better and also meet students and teachers from other classes. Join other students and staff on trips and outings, learn more about the UK and improve your English. Some of the activities we organize are: 


  • Free Conversation Club,Bowling Night,

  • Karaoke Night,

  • Pizza Night,

  • Literature Club


During warmer months we also organize whole college trips and outings to places of historical and cultural interest and to many of the beautiful towns, villages, parks and castles in Yorkshire. 


The approximate cost of social events and activities range from £5-£20 per event. Some events are free of charge such as Conversation Club. Transport costs for trips and outings range from £5-£20 for a return ticket.


Please note listed prices for trips do not include all restaurant meal prices or entrances to venues such as museums and castles available on trips. Most trips consist of a mix of free and paid activities which learners can choose to participate in depending on their budget.





Leeds is a vibrant city is the center of England. with welcomed more than 50,000 students. Students of all ages and nationalities can find something to do in Leeds. Click here to learn more about this beautiful city!


You can too clock on the image below to see a list of car parks, to plan your journey to Leeds Language College Ltd. by public transport or to see flights to and from Leeds Bradford Airport.

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