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Below you can find prices for all our courses, Press the button to calculate your personalised account.

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Click to find your perfect time to begin our classes and find your customized price.

With FLYWIRE, Pay by bank transfer or debit/credit card

Track your payment from start to finish and Save on bank fees and exchange rates.


If you need more details about prices, courses, and accommodation. Or if you want other information, click to contact us.

Prices are per week of accommodation

Important information


NB: Indicative fees are subject to change. Fees/Prices are in GBP/UK STERLING Textbooks are not included in the cost

Exam entry fees are not included.  Registration fee is £60. Text book fee £50. 


IELTS and Cambridge exam entry fees are approximately £150.


The time table is: 

Morning 9:45am - 1.00 pm


Afternoon 1.30pm - 4:45pm


Evening 6:30pm - 8:30pm


Your timetable is subject to the availability of your chosen level at your chosen time.  Minimum class of size 5, maximum of 18, target of 14 students per class. *20 hours classes are subject to availability and a minimum of 5 students in each class.


Late Homework Marking, College test and Assessment Rescheduling - £25




Fees for booking your accommodation is £100. Accommodation fees must be paid in full and booked at least two weeks before student arrival at the college. Fees/prices are in GBP/UK STERLING. Accommodation fees may be subject to change. Double rooms are only for students who travel and pay together. Homestay accommodation can provide a pick-up service from your point of entry into Leeds if required, ask for prices

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