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 If you have a specific question, please contact us on info@leedslanguagecollege.com and we aim to reply within 24 hours.  

Should you become a learner of Leeds Language College Ltd, the College will take all reasonable steps to provide the courses as described in our current brochure. In the unlikely event that Leeds Language College Ltd is unable to provide any courses due to industrial action or circumstances beyond the College’s control, the College will take all reasonable steps to minimise any disruption to your education.  The College is unable to accept applications from learners of less than 16 years of age.  All classes at Leeds Language College Ltd are subject to availability.  Learners should check class details before enrolment.   Learner details are kept on a database and learners must keep Leeds Language College Ltd informed of any changes to their details. Leeds Language College Ltd will not give learners’ personal details to a third party (apart from appropriate authorities) without written permission.  All classes at Leeds Language College Ltd. are subject to availability. Learners should check class details before enrolment. Decisions made by the management of Leeds Language College Ltd will be final and binding in all cases for all learners and their agents/representatives. The agreement between you and Leeds Language College Ltd is subject to English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

The College reserves the right to make variations to the award title, contents, personnel, place, time or method of delivery of, to discontinue or to merge or combine courses, if such action is reasonably considered necessary by the College.   If, after an application for a course has been accepted, the course is substantially varied from that described in the brochure or cancelled for reasons other than industrial action or circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the College, the College will use reasonable endeavours to provide a suitable replacement course. If you do not accept the replacement course, you will be entitled to withdraw from the course. In the event of such withdrawal, an appropriate refund of course fees will be made.  No changes to course times may be requested by a learner for a minimum of 4 weeks and class times can be only changed if there is a place available.  Students cannot change from full-time hours to part-time hours or vice-versa and continue with the same price plan. Students cannot exchange their full-time or part-time classes for one to one lessons.

New learners must take a Leeds Language College Ltd spoken and written placement test, to determine the most suitable level to study. The college’s levels are based on the requirements of the Common European Framework for Languages from A1 to C2+ level.  If learners disagree with the College’s reasonable assessment of their language proficiency and choose to leave the College as a result, no refund will be payable. Leeds Language College Ltd learners can change their level of study with the approval of the College. Placement tests are compulsory and refusal to participate will result in expulsion without refund.

Learners must purchase their initial text book at about £40 on enrolment after assessment. Subsequently further text books must be purchased for each change of course/level in the first week of the new term. Learners must have their own text book and resources; otherwise they will not be admitted to class. The course books used must be the books detailed in the course syllabus for each group and level.  
5. ENROLMENT AND FEES  To pay Leeds Language College Ltd you can choose how you wish to make

 By Bank Transfer:


  • HSBC BANK                                                                                          

  • 13 Parliament Street                                                                                                 

  • York, United Kingdom, YO1 8XS                                                                      

  • Account name: Leeds Language College Ltd                                                                  

  • Account number: 43975002                                                                                        

  • IBAN: GB90MIDL40473143975002                                                                                 

  • BIC: MIDLGB2109Y



When you pay by bank transfer, please, add £20 to the fee to cover exchange rate charges. Please, remember to include all bank charges.  (2) By cheque: Cheques to be made payable to Leeds Language College Ltd in GBP (POUNDS STERLING). Course bookings will be confirmed when cheques have cleared in full.  When you pay by cheque, please, add £20 to the fee to cover exchange rate charges. Please, remember to include all bank charges.  (3) By credit card: Please, give the card number, expiry date and a written statement to authorise us to take the money.  A single non-refundable fee of £50 is paid for registration to Leeds Language College Ltd. This payment covers enrolment registration charges and is payable to Leeds Language College at enrolment.  

If Leeds Language College Ltd has not received payment, a course will not be booked.  Learners are responsible for these payments which, if not made, will affect visa requirements. Once payment has been received into the bank, a Certificate of Enrolment can be issued. Leeds Language College Ltd cannot guarantee a learner will study at their time of choice but will try to meet the learner’s request. The course book for the initial level costs £40. Learners must purchase new course books for subsequent levels. Subsequent course books cost £40 at Leeds Language College but may be purchased directly from book shops or on-line retailers.                                                                                                         
Late Homework Marking or Class Assessment Rescheduling fee is £25 per item of late homework or per rescheduled test. NOT INCLUDED IN TUITION FEES: TEXTBOOKS, TRAVEL, HEALTH OR PERSONAL INSURANCE, EXTERNAL EXAMINATION FEES, STATIONERY, ACCOMMODATION, BANK TRANSFER CHARGES.  
6. MEDICAL AND PERSONAL INSURANCE                                      

It is a good idea to take out an ‘all-risks’ insurance policy which covers loss or theft of property as well as accidents and health whilst in England. If you have not done this already and want to get more information, please contact the Association of British Insurance. Tel: 020 7600 3333 Website: www.abi.org.uk

All courses of up to 12 weeks’ duration must be paid in full on enrolment. Payment by instalments is not available to learners who obtain their visas through Leeds Language College Ltd., as paying by instalments could affect visa applications. For non-visa learners, courses over 12 weeks can be paid by instalment by arrangement.                            

                           WEEKS OF COURSE BOOKED                    MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PAYMENTS

                                1-11                                                  FULL PAYMENT AT ENROLMENT

                               12-24                                                 2 PAYMENTS

                               25-41                                                 3 PAYMENTS

                                   42+                                                4 PAYMENTS
If payments are not paid on the agreed date, then the entire outstanding amount must be paid immediately. If payment is not made, the course will be cancelled and learners must enter any further course as a new enrolment. If payments are late, Leeds Language College Ltd may discontinue the instalment plan. It is the responsibility of the learner to make payments into the agreed instalment payment plan. Instalment payments are only available to learners who complete the full course. All payments must be made in advance.  

Leeds Language College Ltd will not refund exam fees, travel costs or transfer costs to airports. Refunds can take up to 28 days or 4 weeks after all the relevant and requested documentation has been received by Leeds Language College Ltd. When payments are made through an agent, the refund will be given by that agent. With exception of payments by agents, refunds will only be made in the name of the learner by cheque or bank transfer only. Additional bank charges will not be paid by Leeds Language College Ltd. The amount of refund payable to you depends on amount of time given before the start of the course. Learners who cancel a course after obtaining a learner visa through the College must present an enrolment letter for a new college as proof of further studies in the UK. Please Note: Fees are non-transferable for all learners.                            

                                       • 7 WEEKS +                                                        70%

                                       • 5-6 WEEKS                                                        55%

                                       • 3-4 WEEKS                                                        40%

                                       • 2 WEEKS                                                           10%

                                       • 1 WEEKS                                                              5%

                                       • Less than 1 WEEK                                                 0%

                                       • AFTER START DATE                                             0%

All learners with visa refusal are entitled to a refund of their course fees (not registration fees). Leeds Language College Ltd will deduct an administration fee of £250. Learners with visa refusal must send or fax a stamped copy of "notice of immigration decision" in order to process a refund.  

Normal payment in advance and cancellation rules apply (see above). Tuition is subject to availability of teachers and classrooms.  Leeds Language College Ltd may change teachers depending on availability. Learners are required to give at least 24 hours’ notice before rescheduling a one to one lesson, otherwise the learner will be charged for the cancelled class. For lessons on Mondays, the college must be informed of a cancellation by Friday afternoon. Late students are not compensated for lesson time they have missed.

If learners wish to change their start date, a £50 administration charge will be payable. Learners must inform Leeds Language College Ltd of any required change at least 7 days in advance. If a learner fails to start at the selected date or complete a course, the learner will be removed from the class with no possibility of transfer or refund. Course extensions will only be granted if learners have authorised absence (formal holiday entitlement) or medically certified illness. Learners with current valid visas will be charged a £10 administration fee if they wish to extend their course and can pay the continuous price if the extension is for 4 weeks or more.
11. LEARNER HOLIDAYS, PUBLIC HOLIDAYS AND WORKING HOURS Authorised holidays must be booked 7 days in advance and should be planned carefully, as administration costs could apply for changes or cancellations. When booking authorised holidays, learners are entitled to equivalent course time back to compensate for any authorised holidays taken during the course. Any lessons taken as time back for authorised holidays, must be taken immediately following the course and while any visas are still valid. If a learner does not claim the equivalent lessons immediately following a course and leaves the course for any length of time, they forfeit the equivalent lessons and cannot claim them back at a later date. The lessons must be taken immediately and continuously in the days following the end date of the course. Please note there is no lesson time given back for bank or public holidays. Learners are allocated the following number of authorised holidays:
                                         HOLIDAYS / ABSENCE WEEKS PAID                                    STUDY AUTHORISED HOLIDAY

                                                    • LESS THAN 7 WEEKS                                              NONE

                                                    • 8-11 WEEKS                                                          1 WEEK

                                                    • 12-17 WEEKS                                                        2 WEEKS

                                                    • 18-23 WEEKS                                                        3 WEEKS

                                                    • 24-29 WEEKS                                                        4 WEEKS

                                                    • 30-35 WEEKS                                                        5 WEEKS

                                                    • 36-39 WEEKS                                                        6 WEEKS

                                                    • 40+ WEEKS                                                           8 WEEKS
Leeds Language College office working hours are Monday to Friday, 9a.m to 5.00pm. Leeds Language College Ltd will be closed for Christmas/New Year bank and public holidays.

Leeds Language College Ltd will arrange Home stay accommodation on behalf of learners of Leeds Language College only on request subject to the following terms:  1. Accommodation fees must be paid in full and booked at least two weeks before learner arrival at the College.  2. Accommodation fees are indicative and subject to change depending on availability of the property.  3. Accommodation fees must be paid in full directly to the College and not to the host family or residence. The accommodation is only valid for the person and dates given. No refund will be given for late arrivals or early departures.  4. An accommodation search fee of £50 is payable for each search made by the College.  5. The minimum fee to be paid for Home stay is one week.  6. If you cancel your accommodation you must give one week’s complete notice of cancellation.  7. Cancellation must be in blocks of complete weeks. No refund will be given for partial cancellations or where the notice is less than one week. There is a cancellation charge of 50% of one week when more than one week’s notice is given.   8. Any refunds for cancelled or changed accommodation are given at the end of the course, once the period of tuition has officially finished. 9. Refunds for accommodation are given within 28 days or 4 weeks of the course completion date and after all the relevant and requested  documentation has been received by Leeds Language College Ltd. 10. Leeds Language College Ltd can only arrange accommodation that is available at any given time. Double rooms are only for learners who travel and pay together.  

Homework assignments, Class work assessments and additional on-line portal work, carried out according to the class schedule, are free of charge for all learners.  Weekly class assessments must be completed in class, according to the class assessment schedule, under the supervision of the teacher. The designated day for class assessments is usually Friday.  All learners are expected to attend. The teacher will inform the learners in advance, if another day has been designated for assessments because of a public holiday or college outing.   Weekly homework assignments must be fully completed and submitted to the teacher on time, by the designated weekly deadline, otherwise they will not be marked and the learner will be allocated a 0% mark for each missing assignment. Homework can be submitted by email if a learner is absent on the due date.  Weekly class tests, level assessments and homework assignments are compulsory and refusal to participate in these will result in expulsion without refund. Learners may request late homework to be marked and may request occasional rescheduling of tests to another time/day if they are unable to attend their class on the designated assessment day but will have to pay an additional fee for this service and may be given a different test from the one completed by their classmates on the official designated test day. The Late Homework Marking or Class Assessment Rescheduling fee is £25 per item of late homework or per rescheduled test. This service is only available to learners who are still within their contracted course term (not available to learners who have completed their course). It is also limited to 3 instances per learner per term (that is, not more than 3 incidents in total of rescheduled tests or late homework marking within a 13-week period).  
Learners must have an attendance record of 85% and a minimum average of 60% for class work and homework marks to receive a certificate of course completion/attendance or to be promoted to a higher level. Learners who have a good attendance ratio of at least 85% but who have failed to achieve the minimum average of 60% for homework and class work assessments will not be able to move to a higher level but will be given a letter confirming attendance on their course. Certificates and letters are issued on the last day of attendance for the final course completed and are not retrospective.  

Leeds Language College Ltd learners are expected to attend all their classes unless learners are unable to attend due to either medically certified illness or authorized holiday entitlement. Learners who are absent for less than 10 sessions without a doctor’s certificate, may be excluded from the class, at the discretion of the College. Learners absent for more than 10 sessions will be reported to the Home Office and UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) and may be excluded from their class and required to book another course. Learners who have an attendance record below 85% over the course of one calendar month (during term time) may be removed from the class (unless medically certified illness or authorised holiday). Learners who have an attendance record below 85% at the end of their course will not be issued a certificate of course completion or attendance and will not gain promotion to a higher-level group.  No refund will be payable in such circumstances. Late arrivals of 15 minutes or more will always be excluded from the class and will be marked absent, with no refunds or course extensions given for lateness. Repeated late arrivals of less than 15 minutes, exceeding 2 separate instances of lateness in 10 sessions, will be excluded from class and marked absent at the discretion of Leeds Language College Ltd, if the incidents of lateness have not improved following a verbal warning and are deemed to be disruptive to the remaining learners in the class, to the learning programme and to the teacher.  Leeds Language College Ltd learners who have unsatisfactory attendance (below 85%) will be reported to the UKVI/Home Office and not be issued with a leaving or attendance certificate unless there are exceptional circumstances.  

External Examinations such as Cambridge ESOL examinations can be taken at a learner’s request and fees must be paid on specific dates. Payment of examination fees is the responsibility of the learner.  

All photocopying carried out at Leeds Language College is in compliance with the college’s CLA Licence. Learners are not permitted to photocopy or print course books on college premises.  Learners may use the college Internet for study or recreational purposes but must not access any websites on college premises with illegal, explicit, discriminatory or offensive content, which promote or support extremism or violence and which would be inappropriate for learners aged under18 to access. Leeds Language College Ltd may use learner photos for promotional and publicity material unless a learner specifically objects before the photograph is taken. Learners and staff should inform the college in advance if they do not want their photograph to be taken and should opt out of posing for photographs if they do not want their image to be used in college advertising material and on the college website.  Where a learner or member of staff poses for a photograph, their photograph may be used and published for printed and on-line promotional, advertising and marketing purposes.

Learners must inform Leeds Language College Ltd of any changes in personal circumstances in particular, changes of address, telephone numbers and email address. Leeds Language College Ltd will exclude any learners who are involved in a proven criminal offence or blatant misconduct. No refund will be given.   
Any learners who deliberately damage the property of Leeds Language College Ltd will be held responsible and must rectify any damage. Learners must observe and obey fire and safety rules of Leeds Language College Ltd (including no smoking in the building). Failure to do so may result in expulsion. Learners must behave in a respectful and courteous manner towards other learners and staff. Failure to do so may result in expulsion and being reported to the police and UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).

Learner property left at Leeds Language College Ltd will be at the owner’s risk. Leeds Language College Ltd does not have parking spaces or facilities for storage.   The building in which the college is located and the immediate external area near the front entrance to the building is a non-smoking zone. Learners may be fined by Leeds City Council for smoking and littering in this area and Leeds Language College Ltd is not liable for any fines incurred by the learners or caused by them.   If Leeds Language College is fined for a breach of learner conduct on or around college premises, the learner(s) responsible for the penalty will cover the costs of any resulting fines.      


If you have any questions about our terms and conditions please contact us on: +44(0)1132427534




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Leeds Language College Ltd.

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