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Leeds Language College Ltd. offers a wide range of services. Your first point of contact for all questions, documents and letters is Reception. We have a friendly and open approach with our students.




Placement tests help us find a group at the correct level for you and we will place you in a group with students who are at the same level as you. The placement test consists of a written grammar and reading test and a speaking assessment.. To do a placement tests just come to the college between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Placement tests are compulsory for all students. You can contact us if you have any questions about the placement test.



We offer a free trial lesson (1 hour) so you can try a class. You can arrange a free trial lesson after you have taken a placement test and we have offered you a group at your level. Please contact us for details or to arrange your first trial lesson.



We help our students to find the best affordable accommodation. The accommodation is selected for location, transport facilities and friendly environment. As Leeds is a university city, there is plenty of accommodation to choose from, to suit every budget. You can choose from:


HomeStay Accommodation  

The homestay accommodation consists of self-catering, bed and breakfast and half board, subject to availability. You will live with a local family and become part of the household and integrate with the host family’s lifestyle. Most homestay accommodation is located in the suburbs, which is where families live in private houses. We inspect homestay accommodation providers regularly.


Independent Accommodation                                                                                                                                

You can rent shared student accommodation or your own independent bedsit, flat, apartment or house, depending on your budget. You can also stay in one of the many hotels in Leeds. If you choose this option we can direct you to a local estate agent or accommodation booking website.


Students Aged Under 18                                                                                                                          

Please note homestay accommodation is only available to students aged over 18. If you are 16-17 years old you will need to live with a guardian or your parents, unless you are part of a visiting group of students.           




The social programme helps you to integrate with other students as well as life in the UK. You can improve your conversation skills, get to know your teacher and classmates better and also meet students and teachers from other classes. Join other students and staff on trips and outings, learn more about the UK and improve your English. Some of the activities we organize are:


·       Free Conversation Club,

·       Bowling Night,

·       Karaoke Night,

·       Pizza Night,

·       Literature Club


During warmer months we also organize whole college trips and outings to places of historical and cultural interest and to many of the beautiful towns, villages, parks and castles in Yorkshire. 


The approximate cost of social events and activities range from £3-£10 per event. Some events are free of charge such as Conversation Club. Transport costs for trips and outings range from £5-£20 for a return ticket. 


Please note listed prices for trips do not include all restaurant meal prices or entrances to venues such as museums and castles available on trips. Most trips consist of a mix of free and paid activities which learners can choose to participate in depending on their budget.


Details and photos of our trips, activities and outings can be found on our Facebook Page.




Students studying on a course at Leeds Language College can also do additional activities and communicate with other students and the class teacher through additional on-line learning support and activities.





Our administration staff take time to discuss and understand your needs, provide advice and help you to feel comfortable in Leeds. We also offer advice on courses available for higher education and look at the best options available to you. Whilst you study the college will look after your welfare.



Leeds Language College assists students with documents they need in order to process their applications for their visas. Leeds Language College provides supporting documents about enrolment and accommodation. These documents must be given in your first visa application, visa extension or for application for visas to other countries. For EU students, who don't have to have a visa, Leeds Language College provides documents in order to satisfy immigration from the moment the students arrive.


Leeds Language College keeps students up to date about immigration rules or changes to the regulations.         

When you apply for a student visa the course should occupy the whole or a substantial part of your time (at least 15 hours a week).




Leeds Language College provides students details on their nearest doctor and how to register. England has a National Health Service and most international students are entitled to this service. If you are on a course for less than 6 months you may not be entitled to NHS treatment.


Bank Account: 

Leeds Language College provides a confirmation letter to confirm you are studying at Leeds Language College.     

This helps to open an English bank account by confirming your home address and length of course. The first two letters confirming your studies at Leeds Language College are given to students free of charge. Any additional letters you wish the college to issue for your personal needs thereafter, cost £5 each.


Social Life: 

Leeds has an excellent choice of theatre productions and sporting facilities. There are plenty of gymnasiums and leisure centres to give all our students a lively and exciting social life.


Disability Awareness: 

As a college with staff that pride ourselves on being approachable, open and considerate, we are happy to welcome you with the expectation that you will also extend consideration to others within the college environment. Disabled students are to be treated with respect and equality. Please download our Disability Awareness Guidelines for staff and students. Please click here to download the document.


Pastoral Care: 

If you have a problem which you need to discuss you are welcome to approach our Administration Manager or Director of Studies at any time. Your problem will be dealt with confidentially.

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