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Important Information About Our Courses

We have a friendly and open approach with our students and we understand that no two learners are the same. 

We aim to provide our students with  an experience that will motivate them to take ownership of their learning and to encourage them to engage in academic and social activities at the college.  
Each course follows a set course programme or syllabus, which has been designed to the standards of the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFRL).  We teach all levels from A1 to C2.
We train our teachers to apply modern, upto-date teaching methods and technologies, which are suitable for international classrooms and which are consistent with the skills students will need to function competently in an English-speaking environment.

The course is cyclic and as such allows students to revisit skills and also allows late entrants onto the course to cover all material. Homework, revision and in-class formal assessments are a regular and compulsory feature of our all our courses. Learners are also expected to demonstrate independence, initiative and motivation. 

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